A new chapter

So the time have come,

yet again,the part I hate the most

Its time to turn another new page

This time its not just another page but ive reached a new chapter

A new beginning, A start that I have always dreamt of

A journey that I chose

Happy and excited, I should be

But sad and worried I am

I do feel happy and I am excited

But I am also sad and worried

I have always said I hate uncertainty

Whether I like it or not

Smile or Cry

My life is full of uncertainties

I dunno wat to expect

Despite all these uncertainties

one thing is for sure

I am pretty optimistic

I guess I should update my friends,people that I care and people that care about me.Well I have made up my mind.I am gonna accept the offer from Flinders University.I am going to study the Bachelor of Commerce Majoring in Finance.Come February I will be blogging from Adelaide=)That is all for now if theres anything I will be updating you guys soon.

lots of love,
Ahmad Ridhuan

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