my love

Just your smile,
your voice,
and your love.

and I dont need the world
to be happy.


I might not know
How my future would be like
But I am sure
I would only be happy
if you are apart of it
I want you to be the one
That I come home to
I want you to be
the one I have breakfast with
Maybe not too early in the morning
because I know you well my dear
I want to be with you
Not only through good times
But also through the bad times
Cause what I do with my life
will only matter
If I do it with you.

dedicated to my one and only, Wan Jerina. <3


Perasaanku ibarat layang-layang,
Bebas membelah awan,
Ingin terbang jauh,
Tinggal bumi yang nyata,
Ku berlegar tanpa mencari
Detik kualami satu persatu,
Angin ku redahi tiada risau,
Hatiku amat bebas

Setelah ku temui dirimu
Bagaikan layang-layang
Setinggi manapun ia terbang
Rebah ke bumi jua akhirnya
Kau ingatkan aku
erti cinta dan kasih
Mengingatkan ku
keindahan perasaan ciptaan ilahi

Ku tidak inginkan cinta
yang mekar bagai bebunga mawar
mekar sehari layu esoknya
ku mahu cinta ini
seperti layang-layang
betapa rebahnya ia di dunia
tetap ingin terbang semula
Ku ingin bersamamu terbang di lelangit
Ku ingin bersamamu tika rebah di bumi


I always believe that there is a reason why we all have a past, it is to prepare us for the future. I cant hide who I used to be nor I can erase what happened. One thing I can do is learn from the past and try to be better in the future.

You are not my first love but you are the love of my life.

If you're reading this, I want you to know something.

Im not sure about you,but I think I have feelings for you and it is real. Its not something that I havent thought about or something Im saying for fun. I wont say it unless Im really sure and Ive given it enough consideration.

Why blog?because I want your sixth sense to lead you here =P

Things are not going to be easy for us, with all the uncertainties and challenges ahead. But I know, if I have you believing in me,believing in us. Everything will end up being just fine. InsyaAllah.

P/S: do tell me if you know who you are and you've read this post =D


Its hard to sleep knowing you're going through my posts but since you're awesome I'll just sleep now.=P



"Once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
pick you up when you're feelin' down
Now nothing can change what you mean to me"


When I open my eyes
The thought of you
makes me happy

When I feel down
The first thought of you
makes me smile

When I'm with you
Nothing else matters
I just want to see your smile

When I see you
each and every time
My heart skips a beat

When I think about the future
I cant imagine
a life without you

If you open your eyes and open your heart, you will soon realise that what you need is often nearer that you thought.


I hate to be unsure
But I cant be sure
Maybe its just me
Building castles in the air
Drown in my wishful thinking
I dont want to dream anymore
I want it to be real
In the end of this story
I dont want to be sorry
All I need is to believe
Perhaps with a little bit of luck
We could actually be happy.


I might just need more time
I might just need more space
I might just need more reasons


I just need You.
Only you.

Adelaide updates.

5 Weeks of study weeks left. If I pass all my papers, this will be it my journey in Adelaide is about to end. I am leaving for good,I dont think I'll be coming back here to live here. I might come here for graduation and vacations in the future. Adelaide is now apart of me and in the future I would really love to bring my children here and show them where I found the true meaning of life. I learn the meaning of being responsible here. I could choose to live my life in whatever way I want because I'm far away from my parents and family but Alhamdulillah I think I have chosen the best way to live.

I learn about Islam a lot more here than back home. I meet different kind of people some are just haters that love to hate but I also met friends that I now consider family. How can friends be family?Why not? These people for the past three years have always been beside me through the ups and downs of life. They have treated me no different than how my family would have treated me back home.The love,the compassionate and the support only Allah can afford to repay them for all their kindness.

Whether I like it or not, its time to move on to the next phase of life. My career would definitely be my main priority for the next few years. At the same time I really want to learn Al-quran,Sunnah and the Salaf principle more in detail (to my readers please knock my head if dont do this when Im back). Well, my definition of success is entering jannah. I can have millions but if I dont take care of my religion I can bring not only me but also my family to hell. This world is not forever, hereafter is where we all are heading to FOREVER.

Ok. Moving on, starting a family comes next. Mom asked about this a couple of months ago and I said, 'I'll get married when I have enough knowledge about Islam and also enough money to provide my wife with the best things in life". InsyaAllah

I may have a lot of plans,but in the end only Allah will decide. I can only hope and pray for the best.

This would probably be my last Adelaide update for my friends and and family back home as you can see I dont really update this blog that often anymore but I'll try my best because if possible I would really like to remember all the final moments in Adelaide.

The end is near

I cant say why
I cant justify
I try to find a reason
I say you have beautiful eyes
I know that’s a lie
You are so much more
I wish I could know more
I’m writing this
Not to be clear
Nor I want anyone to hear
It can never be clear
It is sad, but the end is just too near.

by extraordinaryme
Richman Avenue, South Australia.

dedicated to you,the one that inspire me.

Where do I belong

Imagine waking up in the morning after a good night sleep looking out the window. The view that we see is a definite sight and it is real. How many times in our lives we experience that feeling of waking up in the morning looking out of the window wishing we were somewhere else. It could be because we know it is going to be a bad day or even because we had a dream of being somewhere we want to be. As human being it is very hard for us to know where we belong. Our feelings are not static, it changes constantly each day.

Yesterday, you had a good day you went to bed feeling happy you wake up and see the sight you have to see everyday smiling. That’s when you feel you belong to that place. However tomorrow you might wake up in a bad mood and you start hating the view out of your window and you hating and cursing your life, feeling so out of place wishing you were somewhere else.

Emotions are always involved in our decisions. Especially when we try to determine where we belong. It is not easy for the heart to settle down. Logically the heart is literally constantly moving all the time. So it is not an easy task to settle down in one place and consider we belong there.

There is no way you can decide whether you belong to a place. Each and every one of us has different ideas and thoughts on how our perfect place would be. Often we imagine the sandy beaches of the Caribbean or the mountains in Europe as the perfect place where we truly belong. The question now how many of us have actually lived in that perfect place.

I personally feel that being in the place I belong means I am able to wake up everyday looking at the same thing but the journey from that view I see everyday in the morning when I wake up to my first cup of coffee for that day should not be an unpleasant journey. It should feel nice and comfortable. The place I belong is somewhere I am not a traveller looking for an adventure or a tourist eager to find the best things the place could offer. Life itself is an adventure the best things that the place could offer should be a frequent place I go. It can be my favourite cafĂ© or a park I go jogging everyday. I don’t need to search for anything more because it has everything I need.

The place that you belong to should not be an idea of perfection. It must be a reality. It must be somewhere in this world. It must be somewhere you are living your life and feeling happy being there. If you cant get that feeling then you ought to be a traveller in search for the place you can live and belong to. After all you only have one life and you can’t afford spend life somewhere you don’t belong.

All I want

I have always
Described life
Like a book
Age like the chapters
Promising different stories
As time pass by
If only I could erase you
If only I can forget you
After all, we have gone very far
From our moments
No I cant
Because you are the only one
Who can make my heart beat faster,
Leave me breathless,
Lose my words
All at the same time
You give me a reason
You make me want to stay.

Ahmad Ridhuan Alauddin,21
Richman Avenue, Prospect.
South Australia