Kadang-kala kita perlu,
jatuh sebelum bangun,
tewas sebelum menang,
luka sebelum sembuh,
terlupa sebelum beringat,
leka sebelum sedar,
buruk sebelum baik
tenggelam sebelum timbul,
gagal sebelum berjaya,
hilang sebelum jumpa
BENCI sebelum CINTA.

For you

Aku hanya boleh doakan kau sentiasa bahagia dan sabar menghadapi segala dugaan.

Because I dont want you to know that I care
I want to be invisible to you.

Sukan Kegemaranku

Although Im not a natural born talent in any sports but I love sports. Of course football is my number one sport, my first love. A huge-huge super huge fan of Manchester United I have been following football since I was a kid. At 8 my room was filled with posters of my fav football club and at that time my favourite player, Michael Owen (I was super excited when he decided to join Man Utd!) Locally I supported Pahang as a kid because my uncles and auntys used to bring me to the stadium to watch them play(Abah originated from Pahang).

However when I entered MRSM in form 4 we were introduced to a new kind of spirit 'semangat kenegerian' people would be extremely proud of their state and since I was born and breed in Selangor it kinda affected me. I start supporting Selangor!So yeah now I support Selangor=)

My interest in sports does not only constitute football but it also includes various other sports. Some I have tried in school ans some I was introduced in uni. Tennis for instance is a sport that I start playing in school and now its my second favourite sports. In fact I bought a new tennis racquet early this year but since no one I know play tennis regularly I just dont get the opportunity to play it. In uni due to peer pressure I also do play rugby sometimes.

In the future, maybe after I graduate I would love to take up golf. YES believe it or not Im into golfing. 10 years ago I did took some golfing lesson however that was it. Mainly because dad stopped playing golf. Owh yeah did I mentioned I do not come from a sporting background. Most of my family members do not play sports. At times I wonder where does this deep passion and interest comes from?My grandfather perhaps?sigh I wish I could know them better. Both my gradfathers passed away when I was young. So now Im gonna make a list of sports that I have played and some sports that I hope to one day try just for the sake of having fun.

1. Football
2. Tennis
3. Golf
4. Rugby
5. Bowling
6. Go-Kart
7. Hockey
8. Squash
9. Badminton
10. Frisbee

the way you are

'when I see your face, theres not a thing that I would change
When you smile the whole world stop and stare
because you are amazing just the way you are'
-Bruno Mars, Just the way you are'-

Inspired by the song Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

Because you are amazing

I dont want to find a reason
nor an answer
to why I would love you
now and forever
The world can judge
for what we are
for who you are
for who I am
But we shall stand
Above all those
unkind words
clueless ideas
As this is about us
Girl,you should know
I would not change
even a single bit of you
You are the face
I want to see
every single day
for the rest of my life.
because you are amazing
Just the way you are

by Ahmad Ridhuan Alauddin

Inspired by a song,dedicated to all my friends.Good luck in your exams!

I am not a lover.

Don't tell me you love me because I'm deaf,
Don't ask me an answer because i'm dumb,
Don't show me how much you love me because I'm blind,
let it be in your heart, for someone.

written by a close friend, Ammar Izzul Islam.

Im lost without you

Back in school I used to imagine my life in uni. I had so many hopes and dreams. Now all that dreams and imagination is about to enter its final stage. Alhamdulillah the journey has been nothing less than spectacular. This is where I leave behind my teenage years for many more challenging years.

I wanted love,
I found someone,
But its not meant to be.

I wanted life,
what more can I hope for?
Im living the life.

I wanted an experience,
The journey itself
is an experience
I shall not forget.

I wanted to lead,
Indeed I have a chance
To make history.
To serve and lead the community.

My second year in university is about to end. Another two weeks of classes and then a whole month of exams. InsyaAllah if I pass all my subjects I will be entering my final year in uni. I might have not achieved much this year but I certainly when beyond my normal boundaries. Many things that I would have regarded as being impossible but this year I gave it a try. I took many calculated risks. Some of which brought pleasant returns and some just did not turn out well. As the Aussies often say, No worries mate!I am young and for sure I will make mistakes but the more important thing is I learn from my mistakes. I know if I did not take risks I wont find out the answer. My life will be haunted with many what if's questions. I am glad I freed myself from that uncertainty. This year I stood up for my feelings,for my thoughts and for what I believed in. A friend of mine once said, you must always be brave and you must not stop being brave. For now the journey shall continue. I dont want much in this temporary world. Just good enough condition for me to prepare for the afterlife.