the way you are

'when I see your face, theres not a thing that I would change
When you smile the whole world stop and stare
because you are amazing just the way you are'
-Bruno Mars, Just the way you are'-

Inspired by the song Just the way you are by Bruno Mars

Because you are amazing

I dont want to find a reason
nor an answer
to why I would love you
now and forever
The world can judge
for what we are
for who you are
for who I am
But we shall stand
Above all those
unkind words
clueless ideas
As this is about us
Girl,you should know
I would not change
even a single bit of you
You are the face
I want to see
every single day
for the rest of my life.
because you are amazing
Just the way you are

by Ahmad Ridhuan Alauddin

Inspired by a song,dedicated to all my friends.Good luck in your exams!

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