Sukan Kegemaranku

Although Im not a natural born talent in any sports but I love sports. Of course football is my number one sport, my first love. A huge-huge super huge fan of Manchester United I have been following football since I was a kid. At 8 my room was filled with posters of my fav football club and at that time my favourite player, Michael Owen (I was super excited when he decided to join Man Utd!) Locally I supported Pahang as a kid because my uncles and auntys used to bring me to the stadium to watch them play(Abah originated from Pahang).

However when I entered MRSM in form 4 we were introduced to a new kind of spirit 'semangat kenegerian' people would be extremely proud of their state and since I was born and breed in Selangor it kinda affected me. I start supporting Selangor!So yeah now I support Selangor=)

My interest in sports does not only constitute football but it also includes various other sports. Some I have tried in school ans some I was introduced in uni. Tennis for instance is a sport that I start playing in school and now its my second favourite sports. In fact I bought a new tennis racquet early this year but since no one I know play tennis regularly I just dont get the opportunity to play it. In uni due to peer pressure I also do play rugby sometimes.

In the future, maybe after I graduate I would love to take up golf. YES believe it or not Im into golfing. 10 years ago I did took some golfing lesson however that was it. Mainly because dad stopped playing golf. Owh yeah did I mentioned I do not come from a sporting background. Most of my family members do not play sports. At times I wonder where does this deep passion and interest comes from?My grandfather perhaps?sigh I wish I could know them better. Both my gradfathers passed away when I was young. So now Im gonna make a list of sports that I have played and some sports that I hope to one day try just for the sake of having fun.

1. Football
2. Tennis
3. Golf
4. Rugby
5. Bowling
6. Go-Kart
7. Hockey
8. Squash
9. Badminton
10. Frisbee

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ihsan_huhu (visit their site)

fuh player siot

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

ni sukan2 yg aku nak main.semuanya selamat2 belaka aku tak suka benda2 cam bungee haha (visit their site)

semua jenis sukan bagus untuk kita.sesuaikan permainan dengan usia