Im lost without you

Back in school I used to imagine my life in uni. I had so many hopes and dreams. Now all that dreams and imagination is about to enter its final stage. Alhamdulillah the journey has been nothing less than spectacular. This is where I leave behind my teenage years for many more challenging years.

I wanted love,
I found someone,
But its not meant to be.

I wanted life,
what more can I hope for?
Im living the life.

I wanted an experience,
The journey itself
is an experience
I shall not forget.

I wanted to lead,
Indeed I have a chance
To make history.
To serve and lead the community.

My second year in university is about to end. Another two weeks of classes and then a whole month of exams. InsyaAllah if I pass all my subjects I will be entering my final year in uni. I might have not achieved much this year but I certainly when beyond my normal boundaries. Many things that I would have regarded as being impossible but this year I gave it a try. I took many calculated risks. Some of which brought pleasant returns and some just did not turn out well. As the Aussies often say, No worries mate!I am young and for sure I will make mistakes but the more important thing is I learn from my mistakes. I know if I did not take risks I wont find out the answer. My life will be haunted with many what if's questions. I am glad I freed myself from that uncertainty. This year I stood up for my feelings,for my thoughts and for what I believed in. A friend of mine once said, you must always be brave and you must not stop being brave. For now the journey shall continue. I dont want much in this temporary world. Just good enough condition for me to prepare for the afterlife.

2 Responses to "Im lost without you"

aQila Aini (visit their site)

nice one!

don't give up! many things are waiting for you! look up and smile! =)

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

thanks aqila.

InsyaAllah. =)