Heal the world

A tribute to Michael Jackson(1958-2009), The King of Pop.

My opinion

When the Malaysian opposition decided to thrash the unity talk and concentrate on wresting the federal power, it IS not or SHALL not merely be about taking away the power. A lot needs to done. A country with so much potential is now on the verge of breaking down. The main plan is to restore the economical situation and also mend the broken society. I would rather not elaborate on that because it will be impossible, here I do not wish to state what should be done but I will state what I hope to see. Another BN is not needed, Pakatan Rakyat should get only ONE chance to govern and if it fails then they should be topple too. The rakyat deserve the best government, it does not matter which party. The important thing is a functional government. People are very scared to move on, to change. It is not something unusual when you have been under the same government from day 1. There are too many what if questions that can only be answered if the people are brave enough to explore new possibilities or else nothing will change. If you are promised a new dawn expect a new dawn nothing less.  Now, that is the talk for the future. We have got at least another 3 years or less before that could happen. If the government were to change fair ELECTIONS should be the ONLY reason it happen. What happened in Perak should by now make us understand. Again I repeat we do not want the same old story, we want change. Pakatan Rakyat should realize that they have got ample time to be prepared. Instead of getting involve in never ending politicking, PR should start strengthening itself. New and young leaders should be identified and given the right guidance. I have personally met a few PR leaders and trust me; they are the leaders for the future. I know this because when a politician talks about various issues from religion to education to football but not politics it wouldn’t be unfair to say ‘this is the new politics’. This is important, as a strong government needs to have strong leadership at every layer. People have said that PR is a very fragile coalition. Instead of ignoring this opinion why not investigate these allegations? If it’s true there nothing wrong with it, PR was form just last year! By taking the right approach it can be sorted well. States under PR should also beef up their administration because whether they like it or not these states are by far the closest indication that the people can get on how things are going to be under PR. Perhaps avoiding controversies can be one of the agenda and also they shouldn’t concentrate too much on the past administration flaws because that was the main reason they were elected. It is the future that needs to be shaped. PR have promised a lot now it is the time to hold on to those promises and prove the people that they were right in choosing them. The only justification would be in their performance.  For now, lets give our 6th prime minister his chance to lead. He introduced us to 1Malaysia a very interesting but confusing concept. It sure did get a lot of attentions but what can it do?Even though I doubt much can change lets hope he does not make the already bad situation worst.So if you are wondering why am I being so one sided? Well, Different people have different opinion and from my point of view a reliable Pakatan Rakyat would be the one for our future. You can have your own opinion, feel free to object this post but PLEASE do it with facts. I will not delete any comments as I believe in freedom of thoughts and opinion. Comment with sense not emotion.

From the bottom of my heart

Firstly, thank you Mama,Abah,Sabrina Ashraf for visiting me here in Adelaide. It was perhaps the best thing that has ever happened since I arrived. I am not saying things are bad here but that was the best.


I would like to thank the only neighbour I am close to for everything. I wish her good luck in her new journey.


I would also like to congratulate someone that I consider my best friend for achieving what she has always dreamt of. Your new life chapter aint gonna be a ride in the park but its what you have chosen. Have a good life


 To all my friends that are also entering new chapters in their lives. I wish you guys all the best.


We have shared wonderful moments that I will not forget. Things are certainly going to change but I guess this is life, just go through it!


To an almost forgotten friend. Its good to be friends again. Its good to know that I can actually make someone smile. I always thought that I can never make anyone happy.


I feel happy blogging, after a week filled with microeconomics and going into ANOTHER week filled with microeconomics this sure  help me to relax. For certain reasons I considered shutting down this blog but this is the only medium I have for me to explain myself. So far studying overseas has been a very lonely experience, it is hard to explain but that’s a fact. Therefore I will continue blogging. Be it life, politics or love I will continue to blog about things that I am passionate.


 We tend to forget that happiness doesn`t come as a result of getting something we don`t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.Frederick Keonig


Ku tak mampu memetik bintang

Jauh bergemelapan di sana

Ku telah cuba, sekadar untuk pasti

Biarkan bulan yang sendiri

Temankan ku di sini

Biar pun tak lengkap di sisi

Tak mungkin akan ku ratapi

Setelah apa yang ku lalui

Yang pasti tidak akan ku lari

Cuba hilang dalam mimpi

Biar apa pun yang akan terjadi

Walau perasaan ini tak pernah kau selami

Walau pun ku telah dilukai

Bukan sekali tetapi berkali

Walau esok masih belum pasti

Aku ku pegang pada janji.


I stumble upon 2 interesting quotes yesterday and today. The first one was from a movie and the second one was on my adelaide metroticket..

"Fear is the heart of love"
"Fear is the parent of cruelty"

Interesting dont you think? The heart of love is also the parent of cruelty. I personally think this is true. Love is cruel. Ive got nothing else to say perhaps anyone with experience can explain more about this?BTW it is winter here and it is cold!I know winter here is nothing compared to the winter in US or Russia but it is freaking cold!

Aye to the Future

Something I wrote while studying microeconomics. 

Aye to the  Future

I’ve tried all my best

I’ve given all I have

I did all I can

I’ve said all I want

I can’t think but remember

I’ve been there once

It have been years not months

More time and more space

Are just excuses

For far too long

I can’t move on

And I cant lie anymore

That’s a fact

I must accept

Things have to change from now onwards

Giving up is inevitable

Looking up is inescapable  

As I could already see a light

At the end of this dreadfully dark tunnel 

By Ahmad Ridhuan,19

Ausmat Sunway 2008

I am seeing

All that I missed

I am dreaming

All of those memories

I wish I could do more than cherish

I want those days we shared to come alive

I don’t understand why time flies

Why couldn’t it last?

Why wouldn’t it wait for me

Ausmatians, I miss you.

random thoughts

I often think about all those memories that I wish had never left me

Now it seems to be so far away
It used to be with me 
I used to live my dream
I know Ive done things that I shouldnt have done
But I am in no position to undo those mistakes
Its a done deal I cant change it but I regret it
For example, Seeing my friends studying medicine 
it makes me happy, at least I can see my dream through people that I care
It was the one thing that I really wanted in life
I want to help others,
I left home for something that I thought could lead me there
I sacrificed my love for something that I believe could jump start my dream
It was a gamble and I lost my game
Fair enough, I FAILED
and so I lost everything
I am not going to give up
Just because I cant get into my dream career
it doesnt mean I cant be successful
now things are different
I will still serve the people
In a different way
Insyaallah, by studying economics and politics
I can still achieve a part of my dream
which is to serve the people
I have experienced how it felt to be in a golden era in my life
The feeling of being complete
The feeling of being in control of my life
I had it all
I have a feeling
that, NOW I am ready
With my family and friends that matters
on my side
Golden Days of my life will be back