random thoughts

I often think about all those memories that I wish had never left me

Now it seems to be so far away
It used to be with me 
I used to live my dream
I know Ive done things that I shouldnt have done
But I am in no position to undo those mistakes
Its a done deal I cant change it but I regret it
For example, Seeing my friends studying medicine 
it makes me happy, at least I can see my dream through people that I care
It was the one thing that I really wanted in life
I want to help others,
I left home for something that I thought could lead me there
I sacrificed my love for something that I believe could jump start my dream
It was a gamble and I lost my game
Fair enough, I FAILED
and so I lost everything
I am not going to give up
Just because I cant get into my dream career
it doesnt mean I cant be successful
now things are different
I will still serve the people
In a different way
Insyaallah, by studying economics and politics
I can still achieve a part of my dream
which is to serve the people
I have experienced how it felt to be in a golden era in my life
The feeling of being complete
The feeling of being in control of my life
I had it all
I have a feeling
that, NOW I am ready
With my family and friends that matters
on my side
Golden Days of my life will be back

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