From the bottom of my heart

Firstly, thank you Mama,Abah,Sabrina Ashraf for visiting me here in Adelaide. It was perhaps the best thing that has ever happened since I arrived. I am not saying things are bad here but that was the best.


I would like to thank the only neighbour I am close to for everything. I wish her good luck in her new journey.


I would also like to congratulate someone that I consider my best friend for achieving what she has always dreamt of. Your new life chapter aint gonna be a ride in the park but its what you have chosen. Have a good life


 To all my friends that are also entering new chapters in their lives. I wish you guys all the best.


We have shared wonderful moments that I will not forget. Things are certainly going to change but I guess this is life, just go through it!


To an almost forgotten friend. Its good to be friends again. Its good to know that I can actually make someone smile. I always thought that I can never make anyone happy.


I feel happy blogging, after a week filled with microeconomics and going into ANOTHER week filled with microeconomics this sure  help me to relax. For certain reasons I considered shutting down this blog but this is the only medium I have for me to explain myself. So far studying overseas has been a very lonely experience, it is hard to explain but that’s a fact. Therefore I will continue blogging. Be it life, politics or love I will continue to blog about things that I am passionate.


 We tend to forget that happiness doesn`t come as a result of getting something we don`t have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.Frederick Keonig

6 Responses to "From the bottom of my heart"

<3 Nuyue iXatie (visit their site)

awww. hee.
:P thankss.

Anonymous (visit their site)

dude.i know why are u feeling lonely in aussie.
well, i think i know how your personalities are. maybe u cannot find someone yg agak same dgn u dkt sane. yang ngam la snang cite.
yeah it's really hard bile kne hadapi sume tuh.but remember pepatah melayu : "masuk kndang kambing mengembek,masuk kndang kerbau ... "
so sometimes kite kne ikut style org in order nk masok skali.
chill dude! :)

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

nuyu>no worries nuyu!
Anon>i dont know you but im glad that you can understand me or shall I say try to understand me?..thanks!it is hard but thank god ive got friends and seniors that are super nice to me=)

Nadia (visit their site)

such a nice post :) I like it :)

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

thanks nadia, now i feel like crying..ive been blogging for more than a year.Hoping that at least sometimes the subject of my posts respond to what I write. But it never happened.Now I decided to stop.I try to concentrate on people around me and finally i get to see responds.btw youve been an inspiration to me this week,i really appreciate that=D

Nadia (visit their site)

awww tats so sweet. an inspiration :) :)

God bless u :)