When I first saw you,it never occured to me I will one day include you in my blog. This blog is a personal blog and I usually post things that are important in my life; things that I love and have a deep passion for. Since day one, you have been like a puzzle to me. I dont know what to do when it comes to you.

When I dont know what to do, I try not to act stupid and try to be smart. I have to be honest Im not funny so thats why I always talk facts in front of you. Maybe you hate me because of that?I dont know. You are somehow like a puzzle that I try to solve but end up destroying it.

What I saw in you is an ideal woman that knows what she wants in life. You always choose to do the right thing. In making decisions, you follow your brain and not your heart. How do you expect someone like me to present myself upon you? Thats the reason many things I di infront of you seemed like Im just making it up. Actually what I was trying to do was to be a better man. It would be a lie if I say I did not want to impress you. Well, Im not impresive so I had to make an impression. If thats the reason, I'll just accept Im not good enough and will never be good enough.

It is important that you know, Im young and Im not as matured or as good as you. All the things that I had done that got you annoyed are mistakes I have to live with. You have punished me enough, I hope you forgive me now.

I admit I once wanted to fight for your heart.Now that is something from the past. It hurts when I have to pretend like I dont care about your wellbeing. It hurts when I cant be there as a friend for you.

As far as you know me, YES there has been many unpleasant experience but Im sure there are moments when things were good between us. If perhaps you could actually picture the more pleasant moments when you look at me,InsyaAllah things can be better.

Im writing this because I care about you and I want you to know I have learnt my lesson.

2 Responses to "Puzzle"

ihsan_huhu (visit their site)

a friend? nmpk gayenye dedue pon x matang

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

yup.a friend