This is week 7 in uni. One assignment away from mid semester break. I really do think that Australia university have got a very good academic calendar planning. Usually breaks come when you badly need a break from university. After all the assignments and work-load together with never ending personal problems that completes the horrendous pressure put upon shoulder you will eventually reach a point where you just feel like giving up. Alhamdulillah thats when the break comes in to save your life. I look forward to this break because I BADLY need to restructure my life and start focussing on my studies in my final 4 weeks of semester 2 Year 2 life.

Overall I am happy.Blessed with strong pillars of supports from wonderful friends, I cant ask for more. Truthfully right now I am surrounded by people I am really comfortable with. But just like all good things, this journey will end soon, in one year to be more precise. From my facebook status I bet people would think that I am always emotional. In reality, that is not nearly true. It so just happen that whenever i update my status it would be an emo status. I have a reason for that. I used to update happy status until someone labeled me as a psycho that creates happiness in my mind, believe it or not it was on her STATUS!So since then I rarely put happy thoughts up. But now, oh well what the hell. Why should I bother?I apologised but she insisted on HATING me. So Im not going to bother anymore. Its just not worth it.

Right now Keadilan is having their polls to choose party leaders. Since this is the party that I wish to join upon graduation I am following this years party polls with much interest. Of the many contests, I would say the contest for the Ketua Angkatan Muda is the most important contest. This is a party of the future, a party that is relatively new and also has a a large young supporters and therefore this position is extremely important. From all my readings one conclusion I can make is Rafizi Ramli is the best candidate to bring Keadilan forward. Lets be practical, Angkatan Muda needs intellectualism and start moving away from street politics. His team, Generasi Reformasi looks good I cant comment on each one of the member of his team but I personally know Saifullah Zulkifli as I have worked with him before during my time volunteering for YB Nik Nazmi two years ago. He is a very talented young man. Angkatan Muda can really use his experience as a student leader and activist to promote intellectualism. Yes I cant vote during this years party election but if there are any party members reading this, why not try something new? Go for Gerakan Reformasi!

Alhamdulillah.I was fortunate enough to be voted into the Malaysian Students' Council of Australia (South Australian Chapter) last year. Soon my first term will end. We have one more event before this years committee will be dissolved and a new committee will be elected during our AGM. From what I heard more than half of the current committee will not be seeking for re-election. Its kinda sad but good things never last. Personally, I am willing to serve for another term. However it all depends on whether i'll get re-elected. We'll see how it goes. Overall it had been a very good learning experience for me and so whatever happens I am honoured to have been able to serve in this organisation.

Ahmad Ridhuan Alauddin.

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ihsan_huhu (visit their site)

aku tau sejak aku lepak maple arituh mmg kehidupan ko mmg lebih berseri2.

aku tau aku mmg cool pon.

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

hahaha.aduh pecah la rahsia mcm ni. ko bagaikan pelita yang menerangi gua yg gelap,bagaikan lampu menyuluh hati yang buta.okay tak tahu nak merapu apa dah..