Today I was unexpectedly asked by someone I do not expect, a straight and direct question. It was simple but yet a huge question I would say.


Lets put the CURRENT SITUATION OUT of the equation. Thats not important. What I am worried about is how I answered the question.

I said, ' I cant give you a definite answer'. The question now is:


Since when did I became indecisive with my feelings? When it comes to feelings I am the type of guy who have always been sure of what I want. I am usually very decisive. She can be taken, or in love with someone else but if I like someone I just like someone (doesnt mean Im going to make a move for her; I know how to respect other people). I cant control how I feel but surely I can control what I do with that feelings.

I could have answered the question with a big YES or even a big NO. But honestly, the answer that came out from me was an honest answer.

I am certainly not looking for a relationship which I think was in fact the reason why I dont know whether I like her or not. I am attracted, but hey, Im looking for the REAL thing so there are so many things that I have to consider before being 100% committed. Some people say Im too slow but to me, its fine. If its meant to be, its meant to be; she can go fall for all the guys in this world, in the end she'll still be mine. So Im not worried. I believe in destiny. Allah knows best.

Another possible reason is that maybe Im tired of falling for someone. I am still hurt by my recent experience. It takes time to recover especially when it hurts so deeply. Okay, lets not get into that.


I stand by my answer. 'I cant give a definite answer'. Maybe one day, when Im really sure of my feelings I'll consider confessing. Am I not scared she might be taken by then? Well,again Allah knows best. The important thing here is Im being honest to myself.


I pray that,
she would always
be happy
Believe in herself.
Be successful in life.
Blessed with good health
and all the best things in life.


ihsan_huhu (visit their site)

fuh. boleh aku sebat awek ko nih. nanti aku kasik balik r