The story needs to move on.

If I am a painter, I want to draw a new picture.
If I am a movie director, I want to film a new movie.
If I am an actor, I want to star in a new blockbuster.
If I am a singer I want to sing new song.
If I am a writer I want to write a new story.
If I am an entrepreneur I want to create a new business.
If I am a lawyer, I want to fight a new case.
If I am a dreamer, I want a new dream.


I want a new beginning.
In this story I dont want it to be about me.
I want it to be about everyone around me.
I tried to get something done for me,for once.


I was misjudged,misinterpreted,misunderstood and HATED.
So NO I am not going to let my life go down the drain.
I swear to god I wont let what they did to me happen to any of my friends.
The misery and the sadness.OH,IT HURTS.


For that reason, I am going to spend my life
from now onwards, making others happy.
I'll do what it takes to make you, my friends, my family happy.
Ignore my happiness. I DONT CARE.
I will only care for all of you
Which means in Adelaide Im talking about all my friends.
and at home all my family and friends.(See I am giving clear definition so that my intention wont be misinterpreted anymore)


Just tell me if it gets uncomfortable.
Correct if what I am doing is wrong.
Because I PROMISE you I have no hidden intentions
I just want you guys to be happy.
Obviously I am human,so I might make mistakes.
I repeat CORRECT me.
I will repent and make sure the right things are done.

Because I am done pretending as if what happened did not affected me at all.
I am tired and sick of thinking about how to get this over with.
I guess this is my final decision.

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