When I try to explain Love.

Everyday I pray for you. I pray for you to be happy. I pray for your health. I pray that one day perhaps you will see me the way I see you. This feelings is real and pure. No, my dear I'm not one of those people that are around you just to get a piece of you. Im willing to put my life on the line for you but Im not asking for anything. Is this love?Sometimes I wonder. Isnt love supposed to be beautiful? Isnt love supposed to unite two hearts? Why is it hurting me.

You keep yourself in that world of yours. Hoping for a miracle. Dreaming of the impossibles. Trapped above the stars, blind to the harsh reality .Reality? oh well thats where I stand. Far far away from your heart.


You called yesterday. My brain says dont pick up. My heart says what if she really needs you. As always I succumbed to my feelings. You wanted to see me by the river behind our university. I thought, that is rather strange. That is the place where I go to find peace. The chill breeze whisking on my face; the sights of affectionate lovers that never fails to give hope. Maybe one day I'll find my true love, it gives me peace.

I could see you, beautiful as always. You were wearing your maroon coat, my favourite colour. I saw you a holding a yellow balloon. That is rather strange, I thought. Knowing you; I have always been prepared to expect the unexpected. I went closer and I saw you smiling, the exact smile that had melted my heart again and again. Before I could open my mouth you gave me that yellow balloon. Just as I got a hand on it, it popped.

Is this a sign from god? I said sorry and you say its ok because theres a message in it. Yes indeed,there was a piece of paper;written on it was a poem. It was your handwriting so I know you wrote it. I always knew you could write, thats your talent. I was at the first sentence when the skies turned grey what seemed so clear moments ago is now fading away. That was the end of my dream.

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