I am 20.Yes not a teenager, not yet an adult. A few weeks before my birthday.It became perhaps the worst few weeks of my life.I thought surely I'd turned 20 unhappy. Alhamdulillah,that did not happenedWhat happened to me?I wish not to reveal here.Because unlike some people. I respect privacy. I do not publicly humiliate my friends

Lets move onI have to thank my friends because I owe this happiness to them. Without them, I really dont know what could have happened. Especially when Im so far away from my family.They were there for me day and night;advising me,listening to me, giving me the motivation I badly needed. At a time when only god knows how miserable I felt. I had so many friends around me.

So this years Birthday post wont be about me but will be about those people that made this day felt amazing. Without them,trust me I wont be smiling while typing out this post. Without them I dont know whether I would have survived.

Thank you Ammar, for everything. You are certainly not my friend, you are the big brother that Ive always wanted.

Thank you Amzar, for everything. Your wise words, have changed my life in so many ways.

Thank you Acap for everything. Your cakes and muffins were the only sweetness that I could taste for that few weeks.

Thank you Ikhwan Yuslim for everything. You suck. BUT I know you care about me. =P

Thank you Imran for everything. Your harsh but realistic advices have made me stronger.

Thank you Najwa. I knew you for a few days but out of all the people,you chose to be a friend. You allowed me to explain instead of just hating me.

Last but not least, Thank you Raifana. You, my good friend made me believe,again that not everyone hates me after all.

lots of love,
Ahmad Ridhuan Alauddin,20

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