Perantauan-Adelaide update

Dear readers one of my friend showed me this blog I would really recommend you to read this blog. Her stories are inspiring. I spent the whole two days reading her posts totally mesmerised by her use of words, music and her paintings. I really think that she's a good role model for us young people,not that she's old but the things she's doing and her achievements at her age is totally remarkable. So yes,go have a look and I must say be prepared for a magical and mind blowing reading experience.

It was my dream to leave my country. Believe or not I listed going overseas in my life to-do list when I was 10 years old. If you guys remember back in school we used to have program maju diri(PMD) usually at the beginning of the year. A week filled with activities to develop our non-academic skills. Ridiculous I would say because one of week of training wont change anything but I really enjoyed it. In one of the activities our teacher asked us to list down what we want in life. Going overseas, leaving the country was right on top of my list.

Alhamdulillah, after 10 years, here I am blogging miles and miles away from home. Back then I really wanted to go to UK because Im a die hard Manchester United fan and I wanted to study there and watch my team. Well, Allah have a better plan for me because destiny have lead me to this wonderful city, Adelaide. Honestly, so far this journey had been nothing less than spectacular. I thoroughly enjoy the city,the friendly people not forgetting the dreamy weather(not really its freezing now). Adelaide is nothing like the place I come from. Its has a small city and its not very busy. The city is surrounded by parks and gardens. I was born in Subang Jaya and I grew up in PJ and if you are familiar with this places you'll know how busy and congested they are. Traffic jam in Adelaide is like normal traffic in PJ. Studying in Adelaide to me is like taking a break from that busy life. Not saying that Im not busy here but the environment is much more peaceful here.I can be busy with assignments and association activities but yet I could feel relaxed and enjoy life.That is Adelaide to me.

When I reached here there were so many things I wanted to do. I was like a bird set free from its cage. I just want to fly away. My heart at that time was filled with excitement and hope. Finally I have this opportunity to reinvent myself and be who I want to be. I didnt know anyone here. I see new people and make new friends almost everyday. The first thing I did was to use a new nick name. I used my childhood name. A name that only my closest friend back home called me.

My first year passed like a breeze. Now, Im halfway through. InsyaAllah another 3 semesters and this short journey will end. I do have plans but nothing is for sure. Where I'll go after this what I do when this stage of life. While I can try to improve myself I shall leave the future to Allah. I believe with all my heart I am destined for the best. I also believe that all the good things in life will only taste sweet after tasting the bitterness of life. Thats the main reason why I am always optimistic.

Yes I am always optimistic. EXCEPT when it comes to love. I am very pessimistic when it comes to love. MAYBE because I have come into terms that it just impossible. I somehow believe that Allah have destined for me to be happy in some other ways but not love. I am not the type of guy that could fall in love with the beautiful girl across the street. I seldom fall for the hottest girl in school,uni or whatever. I am always attracted to the quiet girl in class or the impossible girl that all the guys secretly have a crush on wouldnt say anything because she's too impossible. YES that kind of girl. I thought thats gonna change when I reach here.

Unfortunately. NO. New place,new friends but same old same old story. I am tired because these type of girls they will never accept someone like me. They wont talk to me let alone care about me.

When it comes to relationship I will tell you now. I am not looking for a short term relationship. I want a long-term and stable relationship and obviously now is not the time for that. In my previous posts I have highlighted the things that I want and need to achieve before taking that extra-responsibility.

As I am writing this post Im still reading the blog I mentioned earlier. SERIOUSLY people go READ the blog! I tried to describe the blog earlier but as I read her posts really I dont think my words are worthy enough to describe her writings.Its soo...hurmm..indescribable!

Owh yeah.Tomorrow I'l be leaving for a much needed vacation. Im revisiting New Zealand. 5 years ago I went to North island and this time around I'll be visiting South Island. Hopefully New Zealand will lift up my spirit and prepare me for a very busy 2nd semester. InsyaAllah.

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