Where do I belong

Imagine waking up in the morning after a good night sleep looking out the window. The view that we see is a definite sight and it is real. How many times in our lives we experience that feeling of waking up in the morning looking out of the window wishing we were somewhere else. It could be because we know it is going to be a bad day or even because we had a dream of being somewhere we want to be. As human being it is very hard for us to know where we belong. Our feelings are not static, it changes constantly each day.

Yesterday, you had a good day you went to bed feeling happy you wake up and see the sight you have to see everyday smiling. That’s when you feel you belong to that place. However tomorrow you might wake up in a bad mood and you start hating the view out of your window and you hating and cursing your life, feeling so out of place wishing you were somewhere else.

Emotions are always involved in our decisions. Especially when we try to determine where we belong. It is not easy for the heart to settle down. Logically the heart is literally constantly moving all the time. So it is not an easy task to settle down in one place and consider we belong there.

There is no way you can decide whether you belong to a place. Each and every one of us has different ideas and thoughts on how our perfect place would be. Often we imagine the sandy beaches of the Caribbean or the mountains in Europe as the perfect place where we truly belong. The question now how many of us have actually lived in that perfect place.

I personally feel that being in the place I belong means I am able to wake up everyday looking at the same thing but the journey from that view I see everyday in the morning when I wake up to my first cup of coffee for that day should not be an unpleasant journey. It should feel nice and comfortable. The place I belong is somewhere I am not a traveller looking for an adventure or a tourist eager to find the best things the place could offer. Life itself is an adventure the best things that the place could offer should be a frequent place I go. It can be my favourite cafĂ© or a park I go jogging everyday. I don’t need to search for anything more because it has everything I need.

The place that you belong to should not be an idea of perfection. It must be a reality. It must be somewhere in this world. It must be somewhere you are living your life and feeling happy being there. If you cant get that feeling then you ought to be a traveller in search for the place you can live and belong to. After all you only have one life and you can’t afford spend life somewhere you don’t belong.


Princess Jerina (visit their site)

Hello mad~ :) just checking out ur bloggieeee...love ur writing laa... You are deep.