7 days

My last 7 days in Malaysia before I begin a new journey away from this country

Away from my comfort zone

Away from my family

Away from my friends

Away from her

I have to accept I will be away

for at least half a year before I could come back

Im glad I managed to meet almost everyone important in my life

I visited my school

Theres nothing much left for me to do

My chapter in this country is about to end for now

I can only anticipate with much excitement

I have no idea whats gonna to happen

I expect it would be tough and hard

But I know i can survive

I will survive!

Everything is fine here I will leave to explore

something new with no regrets

though i was a little bit worried about one of my best friend in college

she had to undergo a major operation

the moment I saw her,heard her voice

I felt relieved, felt like crying

Im so happy she's fine

she's recovering well

get well soon Wawa!

Other than that theres nothing much going on in life

By the way to whom that matters

I might be far from you but my heart will always be right here with you

no matter where I go.

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