hye guys!

It have been ages since I posted anything. Apart from the photos.Ive been busy with uni,settling down and stuffs..sorry! Adelaide is nice. Ive got great friends. I wouldnt mind settling down here forever but there are some issues that I have to consider before deciding. The journey have so far been smooth. Since the day I arrived everything have been according to plan. The challenge I am facing now is to mix around with the locals. Ive got lots of friends but they are all Malaysian. But I guess its normal.As an international student Asian especially it is not that easy to blend it however its not impossible.I need time and space I am sure i'll have lots of aussie friends.Communication havent been so much of a hassle because they speak english and so its easy the only problem would probably be the ascent. Not so much of a problem with the city folk however there are some people with really thick ascent its really hard to understand. One thing that I have fallen inlove with in Adelaide is the beach! I love it!Ive been there every weekend for the past few weeks.Glenelg beach is just soo beautiful! As for the uni I think Im happy to have chosen University of Adelaide. They have the best lecturers in the world and buildings with fantastic architecture design. A combination of classic and modern design. I love my course.Im taking a combination of economic and political subjects. So now when I write or talk politics I talk base on facts.I spend hours reading and analyzing political structure of countries. I guess thats all from me for now.g'day mate!

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