saying sorry

To have a dream, its a virtue

I can dream so can you
Theres nothing wrong with it
I met a friend not so long ago
about a week ago,to be precise
Through him I witnessed
A fairy tale, he had a dream
he decided to be bold 
and go for the broke
he travelled from melbourne to adelaide
to get forgiveness from the girl he love
Studying economics I'm kinda used to seeing things from two points of view
The marginal benefit and the marginal cost
This is an exceptional case
which breaks all the rule
Its a love story
Saying sorry, he could do it in so many ways
theres facebook,ym and also blogspot
But he chose to travel 735 km
Sometimes life is all about what you do
Not what you say.


4 Responses to "saying sorry"

Anonymous (visit their site)


actions speak louder than words.


amirulhazwan (visit their site)


extraordinaryme (visit their site)

setuju?terima kasih..tahu tak 735km tu jarak tepat dari henry street,melbourne ke glenelg beach,adelaide..wonders of google map!=D

Fatlizard (visit their site)

735KM...!!Jauh tu...I think he truely loves that girl...