Adelaide University Union Election 2009

ITs election time in Adelaide Uni! This week students of the university of Adelaide will be voting for their new student representative council. I can see lots of politics and history students running in the election. As a matter of fact todays international politics lecture was half empty!I guess they were busy campaigning outside! To my fellow adelaide comrades I here are the preview of the contesting parties.If you are interested go vote for them!


I would say they form the current student body. Most of their candidates are running to retain their seat in the student body. I was being told that they are know to be labour-left which is very appealing to me. They also promised more engagement with the students. Regarding this matter I did stressed to one of the candidates if they win they really should deliver this promise. Students needs to be engaged consistently in order for them to feel represented.All in one a strong party with realistic promises. Most of my votes went to their candidates.


Here we have a party with lots to offer for the international student communities. One of my tutor mate is running for them. From what I've seen she has got impressive oratory skill and like-able character. However I'm not really sure about their manifesto, seems to be too good to be truth. An international student village in the uni?I wonder how are they planning to deliver their promises. As always despite having some doubts some of my votes(we are voting for many posts and we are allowed to pick a few candidates from different parties) did go to them. In a nutshell heres a party that offers lots of new faces as candidates(i was told),aligned to labor party-right,with many benefits being offered to international students.


An independent party not affilated to any political link. Not very appealing to me but according to their flyers this party have representatives in the current SRC. They achieved everything that they promised last year. The appealing bit of this party is their catchphrase student control of students affair.

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