well finally after a few weeks Im gonna update my beloved have been very busy with ee2 and topic tests..

Ive been watching a lot of movies lately and I have to say theres this 2 movies that really made me think.

  • Great Expectations

  • Just Add Water

Let me explain briefly the storyline of both the movies

Great Expectations

Its about an artist that went through so many things to become famous.He went through a lot of suffering to become famous so that he can actually win his first love back.But when he actually achieved everything he became famous and he had lots of money his first love had fallen for someone else and got married. The interesting part is the story doesnt end there both of them moved on the artist went around the world he met new people visited new places.Many things have changed in his life exept one his love for the girl.The girl on the other hand things wasnt that smooth for her. She split with her husband and had their child.Eventually her path crossed with his path again and they end up together.the end

Just Add water

Its about a guy that's very loyal to his wife,a responsible father staying in the once idyllic, now decrepit and barren town of Trona. Why did he stayed there?In order to remain near the unrequited love of his youth. And one day he found out that he's wife have been having an affair with a guy even before their forced marriage. His wife actually accused him of being the father of her child because she wanted marry him. And so he chased her out of his house and started a new life. After 18 years he finally asked the girl of his dream out.And they live happily ever after.the end.

Okay my friends would you actually wait that long for your first love?Both guys in the movie had actually went through soo many hardship and changes in life before finally getting their true love. Some movies actually makes us believe in true love but does it really exist? I personally dont think it exist. I believe in my life i will find someone but she would be someone that is compatible with that suits me not ture love. To me true love is just a perception created to make us believe life is fair when the truthe is life is unfair. I have this friend who actually tells me his relationship problem when he's drunk isnt alcohol suppose to make you forget all your problems?Speaking about this particular friend he loved his gf or should i say his ex soo very much but in the end they broke up in a very bad way. I dont blame him at all she refused to understand and accused him of things that I know is not true. To make it worse she got in a relationship because she wants to forget him.What the hell is wrong with her thats the only thing i can say.Lets get back to my topic would you actually wait?Let me reveal something about myself. After meeting soo many people and going through so many changes. I am actually still in love with HER(u know who). Not only because i promised but because i believe if i were to end up with my true love its only her which is very unlikely the way i see it now. Our path are going so far away eventhough i still secretly hope that it will cross one day i have a feeling its not going to happen i dunno why but thats how i feel. So for me i would wait but since she said no so what's left for me is hope.Don't get me wrong her happiness is still the main priority not my happiness or my feelings. So wtv it is if she's happy i am happy..rite now im wondering why am i writing about this when im supposed to write about politics so that i can make an impact on the society.I know why.. because Im feeling emotional perhaps i'll write about politics when i am patriotic.My friends i am sorry if i have wasted your time but i hope my thoughts can make you understand life a lil bit better=)

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