An extraordinary Girl I call my Friend

In life there are so many moments but breathtaking moments will always be remembered. It becomes stories that are highlighted to be told again and again through out our life time. She took my breath away. Thats why my life story have always been related to her. Today instead of using her as my main character i will use YOU because this post is meant for you and YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. If you dont understand it means nothing and i am just wasting my time doing nothing.

Why do you remind me of Isabella Swan?It is not easy to come out with words because you are very important and since u have always been breathtaking to me for once i want to take ur breath away with my words. Of all the characters in this world Isabella Swan is the only character that i think suits you.

She's delicate but at the same time unbreakable. She seems to be flawless but at the same time not perfect.

She's smart I cant remember any stupid moves,words,decision that u take at least for the pass six years.

She made not one but two wonderful guys fall for her.They are both wonderful, naturally she had to make a choice and her choice was her choice and theres nothing anyone can do to stop it. It is destined to be like that.

You say you are normal and indifferent,the same way bella describe herself but in reality we know she is not normal and a totally different type of girl. the type that we dont see everyday trust me its really hard to meet someone like you and bella.

You know when to speak up and when to shut up. Now I really respect you for that ability.I might have described Isabella Swan in so many ways but I dun think i have described even a quarter of Isabella Swan.Thats why i say you remind me of Isabella Swan you are indescribable my dear friend and since u have read the book you should KNOW more about her.

People tend to forget NOT everyone wants to be Edward Cullen.As love is not life.Love justifies feelings but life,theres so much more in it.Being acknowledged might just be good enough to some people.THINK.IMAGINE.BELIEVE.

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