Einstein said: imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.

For today's post i'll let my imagination take over. Imagine what are my policies if i become the prime minister of Malaysia

  • Let Malay be malays let chinese be chinese and let indians be indians. Let them improve themselves for the benefit of the country.
  • I wont waste time trying to promote Bangsa Malaysia because it will never happen say wtv u want but right now the mindset of our people is still not up to that standard.
  • Thats why each of the races have to resolve their internal prejudice first before we can start talking about uniting everyone.
  • Policies implemented by my government should promote competitiveness among all the races.
  • Wheter we like it or not thats the only way people will innovate. Improve themselves for their own benefit.
  • Scholarships will be divided into two.
  • Education and sports.
  • Strictly Merit based.
  • It ahould be based on true Islamic leadership.
  • A true Islamic leadership does not discriminate it is colour blind.
  • I did not say Islamic country because theres no point in becoming an Islamic country if its policies are un-Islamic.
  • Free of corruption-this might be impossible therefore even if theres corruption it shouldnt affect the people in any way.
  • Wth am I saying if thats what you are thinking now. Its reality! there are no country in this world that is free from corruption but with an affective ACA it will be kept at the most minimum level thus it shouldnt affect my people in any way.
  • Conserving the environment should be the number one priority in any development plan.
  • I dont want to pass down a country that is worthless to my successor.
  • No ONE is guilty until proven guilty.
  • Politician sets policies but based on research and development that are made by geniuses that specialist in specific fields. Professors,engineers,doctors in other words PROFESSIONALS.
  • Im done imagining stuffz-all I can say is one day when the time comes VOTE FOR ME.
  • A realistic change with a significant impact. I have a dream I want Malaysia to change the world.

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