Is loyalty necessary?

I loyalty necessary in a relationship. That's my question perhaps some of you with experience can elaborate more. However this is my opinion ,loyalty is not needed in a relationship nad this is based on experience and observation. Why we dont need loyalty in a relationship. You see if you are in a relationship the chances are very high that you are blinded by love. And this is everything you need in a relationship. Look at what happened between Ashley and Cheryl Cole. Ashley cheated on her he had affairs with other women. You tell me is it acceptable?No?Yes?the answer is NO! but then she forgave him and accepted him back. See you dont need to be loyal to be in a relationship. Another scenario, you can be loyal to one girl not for a few days, not for a few months but a few YEARS and in the end she falls in love with another guy and thats the end of everything. See you dont need to be loyal. Being loyal hurts a lot but in return you dont usually get what you deserve.So its a choice that most of us have. So why be loyal if love overcomes everything?Why be in a relationship when you can be in a few relationship just make the guy/girl fall in love with you and he/she will definitely forgive you no matter what you do. Of course you can choose to be loyal to one wonderful guy/girl but be prepared to face the consequences. To wrap this random topic let me share with you something i learn in life and I learnt it the hardway. Loyalty is important but not necessary in a relationship..=D

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Ridz, this is the most ridiculous, unethical and inappropriate, PLUS disgusting blog post to the CORE. just because of your experience, doesn't meant that every other relationship is like that! suck it up and move on!

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rids u r ryt.
shobs u r wrong.
this blog shows us that rids dont hv anything btr to do.


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whatever it is...the ques
is loyalty necessary??? YES!
but...i depends..ermm

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is loyalty necessary? nah! ridz is rigth by the way. but the way he intepret it is wrong. rid u sucks man.

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Loyalty IS necessary. It's people who think like you that cause unnecessary harm to others. If dogs have loyalty and humans don't, what does it make us? Worse than animals? Loyalty is needed for a strong and healthy relationship. If loyalty isn't there, you will slowly die on the inside. Just because there are some cases that people go back to those who cheat, doesn't mean that everyone is like that. I'm not. Those around me aren't. Just because there are some bad people in the world doesn't mean that everyone is bad. So stop stereotyping relationships just because yours is bad. If you want a real relationship, change your environment. It's maybe the people you associate with, or the places you meet people that have your morals compromised.

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To add on to what I just said earlier, there are people that I know who go back to those who cheat. The majority of the people I know don't. But there are some, and those relationships end in disaster.

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hi, just for the record, I wrote this 3 years ago. Things are different now.