Four letter Word

heyy guys thanx for viewing my blog.feel free to comment and discuss my posts.well this is something I wrote while studying bio.Guess wat??I have two more papers and im done with Ausmat..yeayyy!!I wish you guys good luck and all the best in life..wish me luck too yeahh=)Think.Imagine.Believe.
Four letter Word
I wanted to understand the true meaning of love
I tried searching for love
When I met you I thought I found love
The mutual feeling did not last long
I might not have found my love
But I certainly did understood
More if not much about love
Its not just another four letter word
It made me smile
At the same time made me cry
It made me try
Things I could never imagine or believe
When I lost you
I have lost a lot
But all is not gone
If you allow me to be a sport
I will keep all my words
As I once told you
I will be happy if you are happy
It will always be true till the day I die
-extraordinary me,18-

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