My Ausmat journey

So im done with ausmat.Finally!hopefully i'll get the TER required for uni.Since i am very free now I am gonna write something new.Im going to write about a random topic which i havent decide. I'll just type, continue typing till i get an idea of what i should write.Lets pick a topic.Perhaps i should write something about me.Do you realize I rarely post stuff about myself?Well today I am gonna write about my experience in Sunway University College. Before I finished my SPM i had lots of plans which involves one particular individual. After finishing SPM I came back to my hometown as you know i spend 2 years in a boarding school.I realized things have changed its not the same anymore.There goes my dream,hopes and plans.I had no plan B and so i had nothing to do.I decided to followed my parents advice and start studying.Of all the courses that are offered in this world I dunno why but I chose Australian Matriculation.Less than a month after SPM I start studying again.I know it will be tough at the same time I know it is gonna be awesome.I always imagined college life would be like in the movie American Pie. Trust me it is not at all like that but still it is awesome. My first day in college I felt like ive been there for years I already had so many friends I know studying in the same college so it wasnt that hard to fit in.However I am not the type that will stick with the same group of friends all the time. I meet new people I try to make friends with everyone. Trust me I met some of the most wonderful people in my life in college. These people had something most of my friends in school didnt have.RESPECT.They respect each other and they treat each other like humanbeing.Being in college really helps me in the process of moving on from my hope and dream.It was very hard but I was lucky to meet friends that i dare say I will NEVER forget forever in my life.What seemed impossible became possible. The time I spend with my college friends gave me the time and space I needed to accept the harsh reality of life. I wanted to become a better leader so I decided to join the Ausmat Student Council. It was interesting to be in the council I had the chance to work with a bunch of aspiring leaders thats not only very comitted but also fun to work with. We were given the responsibility to handle activities for Ausmat such as I-CARE DAY(some charitable thing),Sunway Sports Carnival,Theme Day,Ausmat Talent night to name a few. I would like to highlight The Sunway Sports Carnival as I was one of the few person incharged of it. I always had this interest in sports. Be it football,golf,badminton,table tennis I just like sports.Me and one of my best friend in college were incharge of the Ausmat contigent.I cant remember how many events we had but swimming,futsal,ping-pong,tennis,netball was on the list.It wasnt an easy task to esemble teams for each of the event.I had to find people not only from my intake(jan)but also people from march intake which I barely knew. With the help of everyone in the student council we were the only course that were represented in all the sports.It was a great success.I mean winning is a different story but participating having the fighting spirit that was the most important thing. We had that in Ausmat.Ausmat was fun but at the same time tough.I had tests almost every week.To make it worse each and every test was counted in the overall mark. Bassically i had to study the whole year.Study,Study,Study and suddenly it was already mid year.Time just move on and on leaving me with no time.Mid year holidays we had a trip to Langkawi.It was an eye opener because it was my first trip without an adult and with just my friends.If I start writing about the trip this whole post will only be about the trip because soo many things happened. The trip will always be in memory as one of the sweetest memory I had in college.Besides that in college we had more freedom.Which means more adventures together.Me and my friends expereinced a whole lot of new experience which includes accident,transvitite,ghost hunting,movies,food,drinks,futsal,driving,football.It is fair to say Ausmat wasnt just about academic education but it have also taught me more about real life experience.Enough said Ausmat.If you realized I didnt mentioned any names in my story. The reason is im not so good in remembering peoples name and if I start to name I might just forget some people and I dun want anyone to be left out of this story so it is safe to say i would never forget you people even if i dun remember ur name.I almost forget, in college I had this huge crush on a girl but she left Ausmat after our first sem and yeah I will not forget her also because concentrating my mind on her helped me a lot.I wanted to move on and so it helps a lot when i have someone to think about. Nothing happened but it was refreshing to meet someone new and interesting like her.She's the type of girl that could shine even in the darkest situation.Honestly I dunno wat I am saying so lets go on to other topics.You know what?On second thought I think I will name friends that I will definitely not forget its not that I will forget everyone else in Ausmat but these people are a lil special to me personally for various reasons.Adam.Adnesh.Anil.Amrita(both).Angeline.Andrea.Barath.Boh.Jess.Young.Radin.Chui.Wawa.Fel.Tanisha.Abdul.Faiz.Ieka.James.Janice.Jq.Renu.Pradina.Kevin.Khai Wen.LiShion.Michael.Nelly.Pao.Sarah.Shobz.Shra.Syahmi.Vj.YunTeng.Zainol.
Thanx for being my friend.Ausmat ended but I do hope our friendship stays.we might not see each other everyday again next year but I hope the memories of seeing each other in college almost eveyday this year will stay with us forever.To my fellow council members it was a pleasure to work with you guys.

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