I will be there for you

could it be I have found an angel

I can see heaven in your eyes

In my soul i will never be lonely

For there will be an angel by my side

People say a picture means a thousand words. I couldnt agree more with this. This is my latest picture with two of my good friends. This might be an ordinary picture from the outside but the significant of this picture to me is extraordinary. These two girls are friends that i met back when i was still in primary school. In other words they are childhood friends. We were very close back then. However due to study commitments and other stuffs our friendship drifted away. Honestly last year i never thought this could happen. Being close again with them reminds me of the good old days. When we were close back then I had everything that i've ever wanted in life with me. I was extremely happy. I look forward to wake up everyday and live my life. It was just so perfect. I wasnt searching for anything I wasnt trying to make myself happy, I was already very happy. Up that point all my life plan was on track.But i surrendered that happiness for something new which until today i regret and I am sure it will haunt me forever. But life have to go on. our friendship survived time, distance and also a broken relationship. In the end of the day we are still friends. I hope we could stay friends forever because one day if nothing goes right at least we know we have something to hold on to and that is our friendship. The future is uncertain but i certainly believe i will be happy if u guys are apart of me.

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