3 weddings

A quick note: Dont read this if you have something better to do.Its all about me.

I attended a wedding reception today.It was a reception for three couples. All of them seniors. Looking at how happy they were it got me thinking. Where am i heading in life? Marriage is one thing but thats not my main concern. I despise marriage right now not because I dont want it maybe because of my situation. Its either because im more focused in getting a degree and start a career or maybe because my love life is soo screwed up still the same,unchanged still going no where after all this years, sigh I am unsure. My main concern is where do I go after getting a degree or if god willing two degrees. Should I continue my studies?Should I start a career? If I do start working. What do I want to be?Economics is a very broad field. I can choose to Start climbing the corporate ladder-boring but lots of money. I can get lots of money get anyone I want. Or do I get into politics?Based on What Im studying its all geared up for a political career. I want to help people, I wanna be a leader-interesting but if I were to be in politics it wont be about money. Second option:further studies. What course?
Should I further in econs or politics? where do I go and the question goes on..If you are wondering  why worry this is only my first year in uni?Trust me I have a good reason to worry. Ive got less than 3 years to decide what I want to be FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. Doing a degree in such broad course is worrying but Im glad because even though I have a big decision to make I still have choices. So what am i going to do now? Well I have decided for the next three years I will explore all the possibilities. I want to meet new people, visit new places, I will be open to new ideas and finally when im done, I'll decide. After all, time is on my side. Once a close of friend of mine asked me do I have any dream? I said I want to have a career and a family. She said thats what everyone wants. Well I want to be someone that everyone wants to be. Furthermore people dont usually get what they want.=D 


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jus be urself..ak rse ko ptt jadiyg ade kaitn ngn bidang economi n leh handle company bapak ko one day t....one day bpk ko mst perlukn ko gk..mgkn dlm 5 6 thun keje tmpt len tp t kene gak blk ke dynatest....