This is something I wrote once upon a time when I was truly madly deeply in love and also my first try on photoshop..haha=D

the poem is not that clear so im gonna type it here
I have never said it aloud,
for everyone to hear
what's deep inside is always
hidden beneath this silent soul
I might lose all my words in front of you
But please never doubt the love I have for you
It is pure
and it is eternal.
-Ahmad Ridhuan,15-

~Time have passed so fast  leaving us with memories but this is true until today and will be true forever.~

2 Responses to "Silent"

amirulhazwan (visit their site)

gilek ah suwweet. ngahaha

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

sweet ke? i wished she realize that but oh well nak buat mcm mane..tapi tak boleh lawan ko la to adelaide just for one day,one mission, one meeting, one girlhehe=D