I dont wanna fall in love

Not again.

Because I dont want to hurt anyone
And be hurt by anyone
I dont want to let anyone down
and be let down by anyone
The notion of love doesnt suit me anymore
It had left me feeling so alone
When she's not with me
It had made me cry
When she doesnt reply my text messages
It had gave me sleepless night
Thinking about her and how to make her happy
I thought I couldnt live without her
Who says I cant survive without love?
I dont need to fall in love 
Even if I want to be with someone
I just need to be committed
I just need to trust
I just need to be there for her
I just need to be with her,just her
I just need to be her friend
I just need to be her partner in every way possible
I just need to care about her
NO,I dont need to fall for her
We can be happy
Aint that what everyone need from a relationship
We let our mind be blurred
By a perception that love is all we need
to be happy 
I despise that
Why love when it cant give you happiness?
Why love when it hurts you?
Why love if it forces you to do stupid things?
In the end.
You get absolutely nothing from it.
Yes it can stay with you as happy memories.
Is that what you need? 


Nur Syaza Azrudin (visit their site)

i'v been waiting so long for someone to express this thought.thought of the overrated love.

cant help to say that i AGREE on every single word.especially when it gets to the end.how u can get married, live your whole life with someone, care for someone, share everything, but not to fall in love.

for sure, i can happily live with all of that.

rather than falling in love with someone and continue to hurt or be hurt [apparently, when you're in love, little things can also hurt the most]. n be blind to certain aspects of life.this is where ppl do stupid things.