Salam Ramadhan

I am very thankful to god that I am given the chance to experience this month once more. I wish my fellow Muslim friends all the best, may we use this blessed month the best way possible. It is really amazing for me to look back because for the past three years I have spent this month in 3 different places. 3 years ago I was in Lenggong. Studying for my SPM preparing for THE exam of my life. I was young, 17 to be exact. Last year, I was at home. Enjoying the comfort of my bedroom and mums cooking. Again preparing for another big exam. I was doing my AUSMAT. It was a transition for me coming from a school that have got 97% muslim student to a college that have got less than 10% Muslim student. Back in school everyone was fasting but in college it felt like no one was fasting. However thanks to my wonderful wonderful friends in college it was fun! They were very understanding in fact they were days that we fasted together and when to break fast together. I’ll always remember those days. Finally this year! Here I am far away from home. Things are definitely more challenging here. Unlike previous years I will have to prepare my own food! I really wonder how am I gonna cook especially when I have to cook for the whole house without tasting what I’m cooking. We’ll see how it goes. One thing I realize this year is that next year, Insyaallah I wont be in a different place. I am finally settled at least for another 3 years!It might not be a big deal for other people but is for me. Only god knows what I had went through due to all the uncertainties surrounding my life. All the pressure I had to deal with. Alhamdulillah for now I have a clearer path. Definitely not easy but at least I know where I’ll be next year. Whats gonna happen after that. I shall let time decide. One more thing. I'll be back home soon!

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amirahmohammadzaki (visit their site)

balik raye ke???

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

Yup..lagi 24 hari!Tak sabar!=D