The road ahead

I can still remember when I was a kid, whenever I get scared or worried I always tell my self its ok you have your dad he'll take care of it or if he doesnt there's mom. I was afraid of the dark,I was afraid of the dentist also doctors because back then I had chronic asthma and almost every year I'll be admitted. In fact theres this one time in primary school when all the kids had to take an injection I called my mom and cried hoping that she would 'save me'. All my worries and fears are always comforted by my parents.

Now that I'm entering the big 20 leaving all those childhood and teenage years behind I realise, Im entering this journey alone.Soon, I will be my dad. I will have to be the brave one. The one that will always be there for my family. In this journey,Im not gonna be the one crying or running away from all the problems. If before I usually push my problems to them, this time I will have to face the problems. However Im very not worried because I dont have to create any new solutions or be someone that I dont know. I just need to solve my problems the way my dad did and hopefully emulate what he had done for his family.

I grew up happy. Apart of a few years of hell in my life(something that I do not wish to reveal) I think overall my parents did all the right things for us;me,my sister and my brother. We always had enough food,money,love,education; everything that are needed in life we had enough. I see this as a challenge for me. You see, my dad managed to do all this for us. It is my wish to be able to do the same thing for my family in the future and this scares me a little bit because I know it is not easy.

The road ahead, is not about me anymore. My dreams and aspiration have to include many important people. My future wife,future kids that's life are going to change and depend on my decisions. This is not a journey by which I can tamper with. Failure is not an option.

I cant guarantee anyone that I will be successful in life but I can promise that I will work hard to be successful. I cant guarantee anyone happiness but I will spend my life them making them happy. I admit I am not perfect you might not see me as the right guy for the road ahead but I am definitely working hard each day to grow so that perhaps one day I will be ready for the journey.

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laaa..kau baru nk masuk 20thn ke..haha...muda lg la kau=P

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