Yesterday, I saw my first concert. If I can describe it in one word,it would be SPECTACULAR!But NO WAY! Its my first concert and there are many things I would like to tell!I got the ticket a few months back in fact I got it just hours after it was sold online.There are many reasons I bought the ticket but lets concentrate on what leads me to the concert. When I got the ticket it was a few weeks before my finals. I told myself if I work hard and really study, I will to the concert. So, I really studied spent lots of time in the library, the ticket was like a gift I decied to put aside for myself after a year of struggle in uni. I was reasonably satisfied with my preparation and so I decided to go to the concert.

The Circus Starring Britney Spears: Australian Tour
Yes, my first concert is her concert!She had Adelaide as one of her Australian destination so I see this as an opportunity to see her live. I was a huge fan of her back in primary school arounf 10 years ago but as I grow up I wasnt realy a big fan anymore. I do love her songs with catchy beats and dance move but that was just it.

Moving on, I arrived at Adelaide Entertainment Centre, went there alone because there are not many Britney fans that I know here so it was just me alone. I sat there and there was this guy sitting beside me. He told me he's 50 years old and became really into Britney just recently. He said his ticket is a birthday cum christmas gift from his sister. I could see he was very excited. While waiting for Britney to start we had a light conversation then he tells me all about his life, broken mariage, gay son, alcohol and smoking addiction and how he is trying to get back on track and 6 months ago he saw Britney performing one of her hits on tv and immediately became a big fan!He read her books, bought all her records.Its really interesting because each and everyone in that place had their own Britney story. I wish I could have one but I dont have any Britney story except for maybe Britney had made me realize that its impossible to please everyone but it is possible to be yourself and make the best out of life.

The concert was opened by Dj Havana Brown Australian born very talented DJ. I think she managed to really get the crowd to be in the mood. Everyone started to scream dancing and get into the mood. The show started with Britney singing You Want A Piece of Me. Like I said Im not a huge fan so when I listen to this song I just listened but during the concert they had lyrics and when I read the lyrics it made me realize that it was about her life. How people are always judging her and expecting more from her ignoring the fact that she's just a girl who wants to live her life.Overall all her songs was fabulous on that night. I really enjoyed it. It was such a great experience for me.I just wish that I had some friends with me but oh well you cant get everything from life. If you guys want to see the concert I believe people would have posted in youtube.You can just check it out. And one more thing. Ive just become a fan of THE LEGENDARY Ms BRITNEY SPEARS!*screw the haters*=P

My favourite moments in the concert!