The girl that I might never know.

I try to find
Who I am
Far away from who I was
I look for peace
I search for love
A new story
A new beginning
I found you
Dear library girl,
You are a mystery
That I cant solve
I want to know you
I would love to
Share stories
With you
As I can see you are
Always by yourself
Perhaps the anticipation
With lots of patience
Will one day be rewarded
With answers
I do not dream
A fairytale ending
I might be young
But I am not naïve
Just so you know
The sight of you
Is enough to make me smile.
You make me happy.


P/s: I just realized there are many mistakes in this post. I was just too overexcited I guess. After reading it again I myself got confused hence Ive made some corrections.

5 Responses to "The girl that I might never know."

PeNgEmiS dUniA (visit their site)

ko jth cinta pndg pertame ke dhuan?haha

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

haha..takder la cuma suka tgk je.seriously dia sgt cantik
aku dah agak malas la cinta2 ni..aku igt nak study grad kerja, pastu suruh mak aku carikan jer la.Asalkan lawa aku terus setuju.cinta lepas kahwin.tu plan buat masa ni=D

PeNgEmiS dUniA (visit their site)

prove it to jgn sbb cntk je la.t ko menyesal.cyla ckp ak

aya (visit their site)

awwww mad so sweet!

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

thanks aya.kisah benar tahun lepas=)