The time is now

Next week will be my final academic week for Semester 2. Final exams and assignment submission follows before I end my first year It felt like just yesterday I finished SPM but now I’m already going into my second year in university. My journey is still at the very beginning and there is still a long way to go before graduation but things are going extremely fast Im not sure it will feel that long.


Having said that, I think the time has come for me get out of this cocoon ive built around myself for far too long. I have restricted myself from doing many things that I have wanted not because I cant but because I don’t want to. University is where the great separate themselves from the good, its where extraordinary people distant themselves from the ordinary crowd. History have shown that great leaders blossomed at university level. Anwar Ibrahim for example was a student leader at university level. He was the founding leader of ABIM and was actively involved in student movements. With 2 years left, if I do not start doing something meaningful I fear that my university days will be all about examination and assignments, nothing more, and nothing meaningful.


I have a dream.


I want help build my country for my future and for the future generations.


I do not see life as in terms of dollars and materials. I think there are more to it. I am not denying the fact that money is important but why cant I earn money differently. All my family members lambasted me for my opinion. No one supports my decision to be actively involved in my nation’s decision-making process. My parents, auntie’s, uncles, everyone was against it. Not a single person asked me why I have such a deep passion in politics. They ignored my feelings; they ignored me as an individual. My political views might be a little bit different from them. However does it mean I do not deserve a chance to explain my reasons?


Everyone seems to have forgotten the fact that I am studying Economics not accounting. Even from that people should be able to see that I am more interested in finding solution for the PEOPLE not Companies.


Don’t get me wrong. I do like money and for sure I would like to earn lots of money. I’ll be a hypocrite and a liar if I say I don’t want to live a lavish and luxurious life. Just that I also believe in serving the community at the same time. By which I mean getting involved in the society not just throwing around money and expecting it to solve problems such as social issues, poverty and community development.


No matter what challenges I face despite getting absolutely no support from anyone my spirit will not die. I will take advices but my dream shall not fade away. It stays. I will achieve it eventually. Maybe now people cant see my vision but I believe if I am patient and consistent, one day people will understand. For that to happen, there are many things that I have to do especially balancing my life. There should be enough emphasize on my studies and also in community service. In order to achieve my dream and to prove the critics are wrong.


I have no choice but to start progressing.

The time is NOW.

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* c l m * (visit their site)

You go boy! =) You have my 101% support!! most importantly, dont let others criticism influence you. The weather might be a little stormy now and the waves are gonna be even stronger in the future but DONT GIVE UP!!!! it's because you have such noble dreams that there are obstacles standing your way!!

“A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.”

very inspiring post btw. :)



extraordinaryme (visit their site)

thanks lee mei!you are so different from the lee mei i knew!

I hope ur doing good Singapore~

Again, thank you for the support I really appreciate it!=)

Anonymous (visit their site)

its ur dream, make it a reality. show that it's not just a dream.
show that how much u really want it.

it goes the same with me juz doing evrythg my own way. just make sure u know what u really wanna do. its good enuf.believe in urself.


extraordinaryme (visit their site)

I will. InsyaAllah.

I hope ur doing good.

I might not know you but Im sure you are not anybody to me.

Anonymous (visit their site)

so far, alhamdulillah, im doing ok.

life is all about expectations, can never be too sure abt what's coming.

thanks!..its always my pleasure to help others.

good luck n all the best to u.