At the Crossroad of life

Someday you’ll remember

Things that you let go

Shot that you have missed

All the roads not taken

All the fears you succumbed

And when it all comes

You know you’re at a point

The crossroad of life

You know it

This is the moment

You are supposed to decide

You can’t be sure

How it will end

You wish you can run

But where will you go

When you are here

At the crossroad of life.

You had it planned

All the things you want

One thing changes

Everything goes wrong

Life becomes a maze

You wished you were out

It brings you here

Now you’re at

The crossroad of life.

You won’t change your mind

Your heart refuses to move on

Now is the time

You have a choice

To wake up from your dream

To start living

This is when you start moving on

Not holding on to memories

At the crossroad of life

By Ahmad Ridhuan Alauddin,19


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nice one duan...