Late night in Adelaide

Its 2 in the morning and I cant sleep. The fact that Ive got a morning class tomorrow makes it worse. Its my first day in uni after 2 weeks so I was rather tired I slept at 8 for about one hour and now here I am wide awake. It has been a while since I wrote random stuffs here. This is supposed to be the place where I write wtv comes to my mind. I would again like to stress that I'll write anything that I consider suitable here. People have warned me that  student blogs are being monitored government. If its true and I would like to make it clear here that I dont feel threatened at all. I do not spread lies. And if they cant accept the truth or any different opinion I suggest they should just stop being a hypocrite. Why practice democracy if you cant even let the future generation have their own opinion. Forget about freedom of speech or freedom of thought because we are just too far away from that. All I can say is it is disgusting and unacceptable if they were to monitor STUDENTS blog and destroy their future just because they see things differently. Again I am saying this based on warning given to me by a reliable source. I am not accusing but IF its true it is STUPID. And again IF this is true, now I know why so many people wants to migrate and I am talking about talented brains not just normal individuals(doctors,engineers etc.) I used to question them but now I am seriously considering settling down somewhere else, serving another country. 

Enough of that I guess. I just feel so betrayed. Lets talk about about something else. Noticed I used the word 'talk'? Ive met heaps of wonderful friends here in Adelaide. People that really care about me and people that I realy care about. However I havent got any very close friends over here. Unlike previous years I had people around me that really understands me I can express my feelings. Now the only way of expressing my feelings and thought is here, online. I either talk to my friends online or my blog. So thats why I hope you people can understand at times this blog can get emotional. Yes I like intellectualism but I just cant be consistent not here at least. This is where I share my feelings and ideas with the world. I am sorry. By the way it is already SPRING. I love Spring!Awesome season where you can see flower blossoming, enjoy the chill but sunny weather..Its getting reallly late. I shall stop here. Dear friends, life is too short,if you dont start living you will miss out the one chance you get to experience this world. good night.

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