Yes you can.

This is a personal post DISCONTINUE READING if you dont know me or just dont feel like knowing anything about me.

WARNING: This is a post to motivate me, please feel free to stop reading. ITS ALL ABOUT ME.

Next week is my finals. If I pass all my subjects I'll be half way through my degree. InsyaAllah. Well the time has come for me to start thinking about my next step. Because the next step is huge.This is where I either I make it or break it. I honestly feel that I need to start thinking about it now so that I have time to make the best possible option. I like to be be in control and plan my life ahead. So far Alhamdulillah, I wont say i achieved everything that I planned but I am still on the right track. Working hard to make everything possible one day.

The first option would be to continue my studies. Heres an option preferred by my parents. That was sort of the deal. Get my degree and continue with my masters. It has always been my preferred choice also. Masters in Health Economics and Policy is will only take one year to complete if I could make the grades. Ive been doing lots of research. So far what I have found out is that it is an interesting course. Something that I have deep interest BUT the only problem is the career. I cant really picture myself being Economist. Be it Environmental Economist or Health Economist I dont feel like spending my time doing research.

It is undeniable, being a Health Economist would allow me to work in the medical field; my first love. I have always wanted to work in the health industry but the role of a Health Economist is something that I dont think suits me. Basically the problem with continuing my studies is I cant find a course that will suit my future career.

So then how do you imagine your future career would be like Ridhuan?Well I want a career that suit my lifestyle:
1)I want to work 10 hours a day,6 days a week.Sunday is only for my immediate family.

2)I want time to spend time with my ALL family.Not often but at least 3 months once.

3)I dont mind travelling around,ad hoc tasks. This is only for the first 15 years of my working life.

4)I will spend my spare time for community service.(being active in political party)

5)I want to spend first ten years working/learning in a company and then start my own company.

6) I want to become a corporate slayer by 30 years old.

7) I want to become a multimillionaire sitting at the top of middle-class society.

8)I am a people person so basically, I want a career in management.

Thats a rough idea of what I want in terms of career. As you can see,it doesnt make sense to get a Masters in health economics does it?

The other option I have is to start working. A bachelor of economics would get me a job in various department or even as a diplomate. BUT if I do start working it would be rather irresponsible if I choose to disregard my dad's company. Whether I like it or not he sponsored my whole studies. I feel like if there is one thing I can do for him it would be to work for him. I used to be scared that if I work for him I'll always be under his shadow. I never wanted to become an engineer because of that but it all changed when I worked for him last year. I realised that all my education and trainings(active involvement in societies) had made me somehow more capable. I believe that I can learn and even one day be better if I work for him. Its not easy but what do you expect? You wanna become a multimillionaire and not suffer like hell first that is rather bullshit.

A piece of advice given to me by my friend that has inspired me and will always be an inspiration to me: You dont have to become pilot to own and airlines company, you dont have to be an engineer to own an engineering company. You need to be smart and get the right people to do it for you.

For now thats the two most viable options that I can foresee. Its still early and I have ample time to plan. Lets see where time will bring me. Many things can happen and my plans are always dynamic. It changes as the situation changes. Anything can happen. Love can change my plans. Passion can change my plans. A combination of everything can give me a new option. I dont know. For now I have a finals coming out. Get that done first then start thinking again. Im just stressed out and I feel like writing. i didnt want to write something thats not gonna change my life. Writing about the future gives me motivation. Yes you can!

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NuR kHaiRunNiSa (visit their site)

i wonder who is HER, probably someone i know? haha.hai mad, blog walking..tumpang laluuu :P

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

rajin benar blog walking. Her is someone that you definitely know.The question now is who is she?=)