my love

Just your smile,
your voice,
and your love.

and I dont need the world
to be happy.


I might not know
How my future would be like
But I am sure
I would only be happy
if you are apart of it
I want you to be the one
That I come home to
I want you to be
the one I have breakfast with
Maybe not too early in the morning
because I know you well my dear
I want to be with you
Not only through good times
But also through the bad times
Cause what I do with my life
will only matter
If I do it with you.

dedicated to my one and only, Wan Jerina. <3


Perasaanku ibarat layang-layang,
Bebas membelah awan,
Ingin terbang jauh,
Tinggal bumi yang nyata,
Ku berlegar tanpa mencari
Detik kualami satu persatu,
Angin ku redahi tiada risau,
Hatiku amat bebas

Setelah ku temui dirimu
Bagaikan layang-layang
Setinggi manapun ia terbang
Rebah ke bumi jua akhirnya
Kau ingatkan aku
erti cinta dan kasih
Mengingatkan ku
keindahan perasaan ciptaan ilahi

Ku tidak inginkan cinta
yang mekar bagai bebunga mawar
mekar sehari layu esoknya
ku mahu cinta ini
seperti layang-layang
betapa rebahnya ia di dunia
tetap ingin terbang semula
Ku ingin bersamamu terbang di lelangit
Ku ingin bersamamu tika rebah di bumi


I always believe that there is a reason why we all have a past, it is to prepare us for the future. I cant hide who I used to be nor I can erase what happened. One thing I can do is learn from the past and try to be better in the future.

You are not my first love but you are the love of my life.

If you're reading this, I want you to know something.

Im not sure about you,but I think I have feelings for you and it is real. Its not something that I havent thought about or something Im saying for fun. I wont say it unless Im really sure and Ive given it enough consideration.

Why blog?because I want your sixth sense to lead you here =P

Things are not going to be easy for us, with all the uncertainties and challenges ahead. But I know, if I have you believing in me,believing in us. Everything will end up being just fine. InsyaAllah.

P/S: do tell me if you know who you are and you've read this post =D


Its hard to sleep knowing you're going through my posts but since you're awesome I'll just sleep now.=P



"Once in your life you find someone
Who will turn your world around
pick you up when you're feelin' down
Now nothing can change what you mean to me"


When I open my eyes
The thought of you
makes me happy

When I feel down
The first thought of you
makes me smile

When I'm with you
Nothing else matters
I just want to see your smile

When I see you
each and every time
My heart skips a beat

When I think about the future
I cant imagine
a life without you

If you open your eyes and open your heart, you will soon realise that what you need is often nearer that you thought.


I hate to be unsure
But I cant be sure
Maybe its just me
Building castles in the air
Drown in my wishful thinking
I dont want to dream anymore
I want it to be real
In the end of this story
I dont want to be sorry
All I need is to believe
Perhaps with a little bit of luck
We could actually be happy.