love is not a fairy tale(part 2)

Im gonna continue my story....=)

When i say it was a start to many extraordinary things in my life. It was actually a start to many super extraordinary things in my life. I said to myself i have to know this girl no matter what it takes. Soon after asking around i found out that she was close to one of my old friend, Amy(in fact they are still good friends now) I met Amy and asked her everything that I need to know about that girl. Her name was Fai. She was her class president. There were very close.According to Amy she is complicated. She was soo rite!At time I was a librarian. One particular day during recess I had to do my normal duty at the library. So while I was at the counter doing nothing because i dun really like to read books. Basically I was just doing my normal librarian duty processing books and stuffs. I heard giggles from the fiction books section. I thought it was some annoying juniors running around kidstuffs. So since I was on duty I went to check out. It was not some annoying juniors but it was two girls playing hide and seek. It was Fai and Amy! I was like what on earth are u girls doing. Their answer were simply childish we are playing around. The asked wheter I wanna join. I really dunno why but I said YES.
Love changed me in many ways. I actually cared about life. I start to take my studies seriously. I start becoming more responsible. My journey towards adulthood had begun. It was not because Im leaving primary school but because I have fallen in love with a girl for the first time in my life!
Time flies. Without realizing it my primary school days are about to end. The situation was interesting. I was excited to leave school but at the same time I was sad that Im leaving school and my friends are going to be scattered around. We are not going to be in to be in the same school or at least most of us are going to different pathways. 60% of the girls in my primary school usually enters an all girl school which means we are not going to be in the same school anymore.
Since it was my last year in primary my mom had a birthday party for me that year. So I had this discussion with a few of my closest friend. I wanted to invite her to party but the only thing that she knows about me is my name! It will be very awkward to invite someone you barely know to ur party. One of my friend Amiirah suggested that she go and invite her since they knew each other quite well. I agreed. On my birthday I was very nervous not that I am afraid all my friends wont come but I really hoped that she will come. A few hours before the party started I said to myself if she comes she is the girl for me. I waited and waited finally she was there! I was extremely happy perhaps her presence made the party unforgettable!
Soon primary school ended and nothing much happened. It was an end to one chapter on my life. I couldnt expect more because meeting her was good enough for me.

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