love is not a fairy tale()

ive written about my first love story so many times last year for my english essay that i kinda told myself thats it im not going to write about it in college anymore. However i have to say it is a wonderful experience that i will never want to forget. Since it is apart of my life history i would like to write it once more and save it on my blogsite so long live this and this give live to thee. It is not that im not over it but George Santayana, a famous philosopher once said those who cannot remember the past is condemned to repeat it. I have to admit that i have learnt a lot by falling in love it changed me as person and made me a better leader. For your information not all the names in my story are real names i have decided to replace some of the names for some reasons. Allow me to start...

Aku tak bisa luluhkan hatimu
Dan aku tak bisa menyentuh cintamu
Seiring jejak kakiku bergetar
Aku tlah terpaku oleh cintamu
Menelusup hariku dengan harapan
Namun kau masih terdiam membisu
The word terdiam membisu or silent describes many parts of my love story. =)

It was June 2002 i was halfway through my primary school days. In less than 6 months i will leave primary school live and all my childhood memories to explore a whole new life or at that point i thought i am about to enter adulthood. I always imagined leaving primary school means that i will become an adult little that i know that my journey to adulthood is still far away. In the malaysian education system all standard 6 or students that are leaving primary school have to sit for an important test UPSR. Since it was already June we are all busy preparing for UPSR. I was still a kid at that time nothing seems to be important to me. One morning when we arrived at school the teachers informed that we are going to be separated into two groups. The first group will occupy the front part of our school hall(three classes combined) and the second group will occupy the back part of the hall. I was sitted beside Helmi,Am and Alyaa(I eill remember u guys forever!). We were given notes and tips and long lectures. Like i said i was still a kid and I dun care! Instead of giving our full attention toward our dedicated teachers in front me, Helmi and Am started our own 'forum'(gila2 top secret) later Alyaa joined us too. The interesting part is that we were not just talking about any ordinary topic we were talking about our future. We were talking about our ambition where are we going after primary school. Then we start talking about love.We had to describe how our future wife will look like or in other words our dream girl. Helmi was first then Am described his dream girl when it came to me i dont have a dream girl. I have a crush on one of my classmates but it was just a crush i dun want my wife to look like her. I was looking around and when i turned back i saw this small petite girl brown eyes,brown hair the most beautiful girl ive ever seen in my live. Believe me i dont use the word beautiful unless something is really really beautiful.At that moment its like my life stopped for a second. It was crazy i cant remember what came into my mind but yeah i have fallen in love for the first time. So i start describing her to them. And they were like "that is very detail" and they thought i was describing her(my crush) but it wasnt her its this girl that have been in the same school with me for the past 5 years but i failed to notice her. Then came this moment when our teacher distributed notes it was BM(pemahaman) I already had a copy but my friend beside me didnt have a copy i immediately gave him my notes because i knew the girl beind me didnt have a copy. I saw her standing up and walking straight towards teacher and i knew that is my chance to talk to her so i said hey can u please get me the notes to. She said yes. And she came back with the notes i was mesmerized i wanted to introduce myself but the only words i could say is "thank you".. I know what you might think..guys they only fall in love with pretty girls but trust me this girl is not just just a pretty girl which explains why i used the word beautiful. I might fall for her looks and u know what they say 'dont judge a book by its cover' if she's a book fine i might fall for her cover(looks) FIRST but eventually when i start reading the book (getting to know her-will elaborate more in future posts) i dont care about the cover anymore whats important is inside. In 50 years time the cover might be torn and might not be attractive anymore i dont care because the content is much more than the cover.I will never forget that day it was a day that starts like any other day but ended unlike any other day. It was a beginning to a story. It was a start to many extraordinary things in my life.

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