love is not a fairy tale(part 3)

firstly i would like to thank all of u that actually read my posts anyway have fun in life because life is too short!i'll continue my story.

Ku cuba redakan relung hati,
Bayangmu yang berlalu pergi,
Terlukis di dalam kenangan,
Bebas bermain di hatiku….

I was already in secondary school. Everything changed. New school,new friends,old friends, new teachers new subjects the time has come for me to grow up. I cant be living in my childhood days anymore. The life in secondary school is different. At that time i sort of lost contact with her. As expected she went to an all girl school. It could be the end of our short friendship but deep down inside i know it is not possible. Furthermore our school is just a few km away.
Theres nothing much that i can do. She was never in my group of friends so eventhough i am still in contact with my friends that's in her school i was not in contact with her. I might not be in contact with her but my heart at the time is still with her.
After a while i kinda got bored and decided perhaps the best thing is to move on with life. She is just a childhood memory. Me and Adam(my bestfriend) were still pretty much close despite being in different school's. We still attend our daily religious class together. It was very fun not only because we learnt so much in the classes but also because we are able to actually meet up everyday. We had a friend a senior infact. She was in the same school with her. She updates me with the girl of my dreams progress now and then. She was very helpful towards me and adam in the sense that she helped us a lot to understand about girls and all about their complicated friends. She even offered to introduce us to girls from her school. She brought pictures(library cards) of girls that she thinks we might be interested. Until today i wonder how she managed to get all those library cards. Its hilarious when you think back. But what can i say we were kids.
Then the friendster era came. Adam introduced me to friendster. I registered and in no time i adding all my primary school mate. I was searching for he account but I couldnt find it until I found her bestfriend's account. I didnt added her immediately because I am not sure wheter she remembers me. She knew I had a crush on her back in primary school but she didnt i still have feelings for her. So I sent her a very polite message who is she. And her reply was 'Dont act stupid i know u know who I am' After months of waiting that reply was not bad at all. She actually remembers thats the important thing.
We became friends. Not just friends but good friends. A few weeks after I added her on messenger I actually confessed. There's no point waiting any longer because i thought ive waited long enough. And that was my initial thoughts because it was just the beginning. I made it clear that i would like to win her heart. Her response was favorable. The pursue of fai's heart begun. After a few months I cant remember how and why but i actually asked her to be my girlfriend. I also cant remember why but she rejected the proposal. You see there are certain things in life that you dont want to remember and actually you will not remember it.
So now what?Give up?No way! It was just my first try. I was not prepared to give up. Actually I did think about giving up so i asked Lynn(one of my oldest and best friend) should i or should I not continue. She did not gave me an answer but asked me one question that means a lot. She asked me whether all the hassles that I have gone true and challenges that I am about to face for this girl is worth it. I said I am not sure. She said the only one that can answer that question is me and I should no the answer.
What do u think is my answer?Yes she's worth it. Spend time knowing her and i dare say you will definitely like her. She's not a girl that you meet everyday. She's one in a million or make it one in a billion. She wont say things that you want to hear but things that you NEED to hear. She wont give you false hope but you will still hope for her. I would prefer not to describe her physical appearance because that's not important(she's really really really really really x1000 beautiful!=) hehe..)
Like i said i never gave up.. since that year I asked her to be my gf every year until I got her. Since I am actually trying preserve my memories because this is my history in years to come theres so many people that I will meet and so many stories and I might forget the detail of the story of my first love.

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