while listening to miss ruba's(econs lecturer) lecture about unemployment i wrote this:

If The World Can Understand me

I gave you my words
I told you I'll love you forever
Yes I will
As I am a man of my words
Perhaps now I define love differently
They can say what they want to say
I really dont care
But I know you care
I am sorry
 But they have to understand
Love doesnt mean being with you
But being there for you when you need me
Love doesnt mean hoping you will love back
It is unconditional and irrevocable
I dont dream to be your prince charming
At least not anymore
You crush me into pieces with your stories
I dont mind being the pieces
Only if it means something to you
I said something not everything
I have come to understand 
The more important thing is not our history
But its our friendship

to my beautiful friend..theres no point feeling bad for something that had happened.I believe in destiny and it was destined to be like that theres nothing that I can do. Until today I hold on to wat you said a few years back...what is meant to happen will happen and everything happens for a reason. It is hard to accept but life is never easy. We can regret our history but we certainly cant change it. Looking forward to the future is a much better thing to do and thats more important.i might not be your bestfriend but you will always be my bestfriend.I hope its understandable.the end.=)

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