Adelaide update

It is hard to believe that things are going to be moving this fast. It felt like just yesterday I arrived here in Adelaide for what I expected to be the ride of my life. Now I am already going into my second semester in university. Life hasnt been like I imagined. I have always said. I am not here just to get a degree. I have got other missions. So far it hasnt been that way. Studies are going on well, Im also coping with the new environment met a lot of friends. However I dont really see myself gaining experiences that can be used for my future career.NOT YET.  I am not doing any part time job which from my point of view is very important to get on hands business experience, Im not communicating with any locals I dont have any Australian friends, I am not socializing, creating networks and also I havent joined the gym. I am not actively involved in any clubs or society though I did signed up for the labor party club of Adelaide. Well those are stuffs that I have failed to achieve in semester one which I hope I can do it in semester 2. On the other hand what I have managed to do in semester 1 includes going around Australia. Visited Sydney,CAnberra and Melbourne(twice!), constantly attending islamic talks,passed all my subjects,full attendance for principle of microeconomics(tutorial and lectures),full attendance for comparative politics(lecture) and thats about it. Things are not all bad here. Even though Once a while I still get lonely but thank god Ive got lots wonderful friends and family members that are willing to talk to me online. It wouldnt be unfair to say that my macbook is my best friend in Adelaide. Every day and night happy or sad she is always there for me. I'll die without her=D I guess it is impossible to achieve everything in one shot but it is important to have a goal in life. I believe it makes my life more organized and more focussed.

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amirulhazwan (visit their site)

agak r. Kadang2 kita rasa kita tak achieve samting tapi ada ja.

Tapi tu la,
aku rasa apa yang ko rasa.

Aku dtg sini bukan nak belajar semata mata tp ada matlamat.

kita tengoklah sem 2 ni macam mana.

p/s: rasa cam nak dtg adeled lagi

extraordinaryme (visit their site)

insyaallah.sem 2 tingkat kan produktiviti!

dtg la..u r aways welcome=D
sorry ah gi melbourne haritu tak pergi jumpa.