I would say this is a very interesting piece.It came to me suddenly, I was doing maths while listening to some music and out of the blue i felt a sudden urge to write. I started writing this on one of my past year question paper. The more interesting part is that I am not sure whether I am inspired by a song or by someone or by life. Life is a mystery!=D

It was destined 

I dont need another chance
I have to take my chances
What's right or What's wrong
I cant be sure
I craved for a dream 
that was never meant to be
I waited for something
That made me lose my senses
I have and will always
believe in what I was destined
It was destined for me to fall for you
It was destined for me to make promises
It was destined for us to fall apart
It was destined that all my promises,
Be broken by time and distance
It was destined for me to see
There is more to life
It was destined for me to believe,again
I can smile and love
and be inspired
All at once
I can choose to explore
what's in stored for me
without being the one for you.

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