Life aint a movie

I have always wanted my life to be like the movies I watch. No matter what happens in the end it will be a happy ending.I hate watching movies with sad endings because I tend to relate myself with the characters. I dont usually put myself as the hero because I know I am no hero. I love to see the way problems are solved in movies. Regardless of the challenges the problem will be solved. It is also interesting to see how people accept or reject someone in movies.It seems that no matter what the consequences might be, it is bearable. Sometimes, I wish life was more like a movie. I do not expect a perfect movie. I do expect ups and downs but I want things to be more bearable. It so happens that I have to face harsh facts again and again in my life. The best way to describe my life would be a constantly declining graph. I pray to god everyday asking for forgiveness, asking for happiness asking for success. The only hope I have would be that one day all my prayers will be answered. I do not hope for something extraordinary not even a life like in the movies, I dont deserve that I know. I do not cry.I do not show my emotions not to you not to anyone. Deep down inside I know I am crying. I just wanna be happy.The end.

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